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Respiratory Rehabilitation Center

Phone: 973-989-3500

The Respiratory Rehabilitation Center (RRC) at Saint Clare's is a specialized unit providing medical treatment and therapy to ventilator-dependent residents. Established in 1983 as the first hospital-based unit of its kind in the state, the RRC responds to the need for continuing care, support and rehabilitation of residents with prolonged reliance on ventilators.

The primary objective is to eliminate or reduce resident's dependency on the ventilator and help them achieve the highest possible level of function. With its location inside Saint Clare's Hospital/Dover, the RRC is backed by the services, staff and capabilities of an acute care hospital. With its convenient location, the RRC is easily accessible and encourages active family involvement in care.

The RRC combines the elements of a critical care unit with the techniques of rehabilitation. Individualized treatment plans focus on coordinated and comprehensive care that addresses the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of each resident. Among the services offered are:

  • Regular medical rounds by board-certified pulmonary specialists
  • Round-the-clock nursing and respiratory care
  • Speech, hearing, physical and occupational therapy
  • Nutritional support from licensed dieticians
  • Social workers to assist families on admission, discharge and transition to the home setting
  • Activities program to enhance and enrich the quality-of-life for patients

For questions or more information, please fill out our Online Inquiry Form.

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